Optimising for the first page of Google

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To increase the WordPress SEO ranking of your blog posts, you have to implement ways and strategies to these objectives. These methods may be basic and can also be done with other strategies, but the most important thing is that it can get your blog post into the first page rankings. Just to note – if you are looking for seo company in edinburgh then check out Jump Online, they offer amazing services to local companies.

1. The titles are important and having these optimised with keywords; you will attain first page rankings with no time lost. This method will get your WordPress blog the traffic that you aimed and desired.
2. The blog descriptions should also be optimised for your readers’ benefits. The blog description has essential functions as it will give your readers a brief run down of what they will see in your blog contents and this will entice them to click.
3. If you include images in your WordPress blog be sure that these are optimised with alt tag keywords – this can hugely help with your SEO. This method will make it search engine friendly, and your ranking will climb up in the search results pages
4. Optimize the theme headings of your blog. If you do this right your chance of getting first-page ranking will be boosted.
5. By cleaning up your URL code, you will get everything right. Having too many letter codes will not do your WordPress blog any good and cleaning it will bring everything right.
6. Speed or the loading time is important and aiming for this will do good for your WordPress blog. This is important especially if you have many pages and having it slow-to-load will not do your blog any good.
7. Have a “no index” and “no follow” tags for those that you want the search engine’s spiders not to follow. This will make it more search engine friendly.
8. Linking to related blog posts are good SEO strategies that you can do to your WordPress blogs. These are good one-way links that will benefit your blog from the search engines’ point of view.
9. Your blog site structures also have a bearing on rankings. Have this structured well regarding tags, categories, links and other things for SEO.
10. Your blog comments have to be optimised too. As comments are also valuable in attaining objectives of getting on the first page of the search engines results pages, these comments also have to be optimised.
11. While you post comments to other blogs, ask them also to comment on your blogs. While getting this to be successful may be hard to achieve, this is a good link building strategy, and if you get successful, you will hit your objectives on your WordPress blogs.

If you implement the above strategies, you will have good chances of becoming successful and getting first page rankings. These strategies will benefit your WordPress blogs.

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